Monday, February 28, 2005

Packrat Friends: Do not follow the link below

Trade your old stuff for other old stuff.
For Free.

Friday, February 25, 2005

The MUSICPOLE in Action!

The MUSICPOLE in Action!

Audio Tool - Amazing Slow Downer

From Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools:
"This sweetly intuitive program for ear-playing musicians slows down the tune without altering the pitch and/or plays the tune in any key you like." (for both Mac and PC!)
Roni Music - Amazing Slow Downer

Count) fawn VAHLT-shtn ôôntVAR-tunn-pehrk tsoo DOOKSS

WOI Radio Group Index of Pronouncing Dictionary of Music and Musicians

Revolver --Mashed

Interesting blend of songs, but basically the Beatles' Revolver, mashed with the likes of Coldplay, The Who, Badly Drawn Boy, The Byrds, The Monkees, Portishead, and Madonna among others.
Anyone want to comment on the quality of the mashups?


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

RockRage: Music Band Fonts

RockRage: Music Band Fonts

Band to Band

How many degrees of seperation between Steve Albini and Asia? Less than you think:

Monday, February 14, 2005

Books in February, title #1

Here's a list of books I'm reading, have read, or will be reading in February. This sort of post basically serves as a way to remind myself of interesting books I've come across. My office serves as the central processing center for the 13 colleges' libraries. Therefore, I get to see a lot of interesting titles throughout the day (though I don't do the actual processing)
Here are a couple:
The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference -- by Malcolm Gladwell.

Mizu Shobai ikkimasho

I'd do one of these for Kyoto and Osaka but that would mean I would have to suffer though other gaijin every time I wanted to go out. I still haven't revealed the location of the only Mexican Restaurant in all of Otsu.
underground tokyo guidebook -- Tokyo, underground, guide book, punk, hentai, shinjuku, harajuku, tourism, anime, japan, akihabara

Who wants to go in on a Punch Bowl?

Come on, these kids deserve everything they asked for.....
Wedding Registry

My Best Postings to the Memorial Page for Doobie Brothers’ Drummer, Keith Knudsen

We’ll be missing you Minute by Minute down here on Earth, Keith.
I'm sure Keith’s Rockin’ Down the Highway to Heaven.
Keep Taking it To The Streets of Heaven, Keith.
Here’s to the greatest drummer from China Grove, who’s now in Heaven.
RIP Keith; I hope Jesus is just alright to you.
You’re burning in Hell, Keith? That’s what a fool believes.

You got Allergy in my Diabetes!

Yeah, well you got Pro Choice in my Prostate Cancer!
Here's a handy chart identifying the causes tied to the colors of those ubiquitous rubber bracelets. Be careful though, Alzheimers, Animal Abuse and Irritable Bowel are all purple so before you buy one, decide on which of the 5-10 causes you're Really supporting.
Oh, and colon cancer? Turns out it's, ah, turns out it's brown.....
Color Definitions

Friday, February 11, 2005

Podcast Follow-up

So now you've downloaded and installed iPodder but the selection of podcasts is a bit sparse, huh? Here's the first place to look for more podcasts: -- Podcast Directory : The place to find Podcasts

Also, for those of you--like me--who DON'T have an iPod, you can still download the MP3 files and listen to them on your desktop, laptop, etc.
Next thing to figure out: How do you take Real Audio streams from NPR or This American Life and turn them into podcast streams?

A special Posting in celebraion of Kenkoku Kinenbi (National Foundation Day)

Japanese Holidays

When in Rome, er, Wisconsin...

About everything you could ever want to know about cheese, from a real expert: Steve Jenkins
Cheese Counter: The Splendid Table

Got an iPod? Read this:

Here's a great video describing the process of Podcasting. When the penny jar is full, I'll be joining the lucky ones in the world of iPods.

4 Minutes About Podcasting

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Internet Archive: Live Music Archive

The band list is pretty large (850+) but pretty Jam Band-heavy. However, I did spot a couple cool artists:

Bad Livers

Ben Kweller

Hayseed Dixie (Bluegrass AC/DC Cover band)

Bernie Worrell from Parliament/Funkadelic-Talking Heads

Billy Bragg (!!)

Camper “Take the Skinheads Bowling” Van Beethoven


Mike Watt

The Mekons

Tom-Tom Club

Tenacious D

The Dirtbombs

Internet Archive: Live Music Archive

Soup News

Todd Mountjoy, director of the UW-Fond du Lac library reported today that Cambell's Chunky Chicken Soup is as good--if not better--than the Progresso, with bigger chunks of chicken.
Just letting you know....

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

LocalHarvest - Farmers Markets / Family Farms / Organic Food

LocalHarvest - Farmers Markets / Family Farms / Organic Food

Google Maps

The newest tool from Google.
This one is pretty sweet. I've never liked MapQuest, and have relied on MapBlast--which isn't that much better--but Google Maps' interface is slick, precise, and is now my personal favorite.
Google Maps

Monday, February 07, 2005

Punk Rock version of West Side Story

From a Bay Area Band called Schlong:
Punk Side Story
I'll have to hunt this one down; it sounds too good to be true.

Punk Rock version of West Side Story

From a Bay Area Band called Schlong:
Punk Side Story
I'll have to hunt this one down; it sounds too good to be true.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005