Friday, February 11, 2005

Podcast Follow-up

So now you've downloaded and installed iPodder but the selection of podcasts is a bit sparse, huh? Here's the first place to look for more podcasts: -- Podcast Directory : The place to find Podcasts

Also, for those of you--like me--who DON'T have an iPod, you can still download the MP3 files and listen to them on your desktop, laptop, etc.
Next thing to figure out: How do you take Real Audio streams from NPR or This American Life and turn them into podcast streams?


Lisa said...

Oops! Gee, I already commented on the other post, but you figured it out already! Cool. Have fun!

Lisa said...

Oh, and look at

Johnny B said...

Thanks for the comments, Lisa, and for the link to more audio blogs.
I'm excited at the possibilities that podcasting offers.
You're right: it is an unfortunate name. However, it's the concept that you can capture audio meant for real-time listening, and shift the time and place you listen, that makes this technology exciting, and for better or worse iPods are the device of choice.