Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Synth parts adventure part III

Called Musician's Service Center today:
Nice guy but no parts. He said he did not have any cosmetic parts whatsoever.
I'll keep looking.

Synth parts adventure part 2

I called DBM pro Audio today:
No luck on the parts. They thought they may have some keys but would have to know exactly the make of the keyboard.

In Search of vintage Synth parts

I have two vintage synthesizers in need of repair:

A Moog Micromoog and an Arp Axxe.
The Moog is almost finished but I just need one volume/Glide knob to complete it. The Arp is a bit more challenging: it's missing around 10 slider knobs and has three broken keys: The low C, the high C, and the B above the lowest C.

I'm hoping that by journaling my challenge in obtaining parts, someone will pick up on this feed and help me out in the comment section. Let me know if you know of any vintage synth part resources.