Friday, February 11, 2005

Got an iPod? Read this:

Here's a great video describing the process of Podcasting. When the penny jar is full, I'll be joining the lucky ones in the world of iPods.

4 Minutes About Podcasting

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Lisa said...

Hey, Jon;

The name is kind of unfortunate. In fact you don't need an iPod or portable MP3 player at all to enjoy podcasts.

If you download iPodder, it just puts the MP3s in a folder on your computer; many people do then use the sync features of iTunes or MusicMatch to move the files onto a portable player, but there's no reason why you can't just listen to them right at your desk while you're working or scanning email or whatever.

And hey, with the iPod Shuffle out -- I saw a friends today, and boy is it cool. And a lot less pricey, too. But any MP3 player you can copy stuff onto will work.