Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Japan Adventure participants

In the hopes of connecting with other musicians and students who were part of the LCC (Lansing Community College) Japan Adventure program, I'm posting here, thinking that maybe Google with pick it up.
I was a musician on the Michigan Showboat in Hama Otsu Japan from 1988 - 1990.
Some of my fellow musicians included Bob Grunder, Dave Edgar, Lou Velásquez, Barb Nieratko, and Doug Decker.
Let me know if you were involved at all by leaving a comment below.


Jeff Randall said...

Johny B:

Are you still in Tacoma? It has been 20 years since you played for the 89 JA Tour. I recently tried to get intouch with the group and requested permission to join the Japan Adventure Facebook page.

I hope you are doing well. Drop me an email when you have a chance, I would like to catch up.

Jeff Randall
Seattle, WA

Christine said...

Well? Did you find anyone yet? I was there in 88! Chris Lorenz. I've been searching for Lisa Somers forever now. We both lost touch when we both joined the Navy after we got back. Now, I'm married (17 yrs now) with 6 kids living in coast Mississippi. Gotta love the military moving us down here. ;-) Let me know if you find anyone from the class of 88!!!

Ron Beaubien said...

I was there during 1989. After returning to the US, I attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and majored in Japanese Language and Culture. I moved back to Japan in 1992 after I graduated and I have lived here in Tokyo ever since.

The last time I got back to the Michigan Boat was in 1993 or so. Yutaka was still there entertaining the crowds on the stage.

There is a Facebook group of former participants of the Japan Adventure Program, although it is still quite small. That might be a good place to try.

Dave said...

I was there in 1994. Anyone from my year may reach me at newbegin4@hotmail.com

David M. Bennett