Friday, April 06, 2007

Night Music (Sunday Night) Clips coming up

For those of you who missed it, Sunday Night--or Michelob Presents Night Music as it was later named--was one of those shows that was destined to fail. It was just too good to stay on TV.
I was living in Japan while it was on American television, (1988-1990), but did end up catching several episodes during the autumn and winter months while I was back at home.
Here's the Wikipedia entry on the show:
Check out the line-up of guest musicians for each episode, and keep in mind that quite often the guests would get together for one, if not more, songs during the episode. Eclectic is probably too often used to describe the show, but given the range of guests, I can't think of another more appropriate word.

I'll be posting some YouTube clips here in a second.

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