Friday, November 18, 2005

Book just finished

On the way out to California Tuesday, I finished Chuck Palahniuk's newest,

Now, I'm a big fan of Fight Club, but this one was a bit dissapointing. I thought several of the stories had promise but the ending just fell flat.
Anyone else want to weigh in?


Paul said...

I haven't read "Haunted" (the book budget was hit pretty hard this spring) but I've read everything else he's written. Although, I think in the various times I've gone to his signings I've heard him read 2 stories that ended up in "Haunted" (one about a kid getting his guts sucked out his asshole by a pool drain, and another about a group of cops/social workers who deal with pedophiles but start fucking the anatomically correct dolls.)

Anyway--I say this about Chuck. Fight Club is amazing. And I hate to call him a one hit wonder because I think Fight Club has a better place in late 20th century fiction than say Tainted Love. Plus, I'd say that some of his other novels (Choke comes to mind) aren't horrible its just that Fight Club is so good. I mean really--what do you do to follow up Fight Club? So, maybe he's not a one hit wonder but he definitely shot his wad with Fight Club.

I know when I've seen him at readings he talks a lot about the horror genre not getting the credit it deserves. I think this was at the Diary reading where he said the Diary was an attempt at trying to make horror acceptable again. And from what I've heard about Haunted it sounds like he's still working that scheme. Of course he can write about what ever the hell he wants but I've been dissapointed with the whole horror angle. Fight Club is so meaningful because its so wonderfully transgressive and it taps so perfectly into a 90s male angst. I'm dissapointed that he hasn't had a good take on the post 9/11 world. I always hoped he could write something relevant and delicious for the current world the way Fight Club fit so well into the 90s.

Anyway. Who the fuck cares what I think.

Johnny B said...

I think you hit it on the head, Paul. The whole horror genre seems almost passe at this point. Now, I may feel that way due to the fact that I don't find it as entertaining as some. Granted, I've read enough of it but that doesn't mean I'm so enamoured of everything identified as horror.
This one had its moments, and the story lines you identify are two of the more interesting threads throughout. However--and I bet this will be said about everything he writes--it's no Fight Club.