Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Blender for the Red States

Gas here hit $2.19 a gallon, making the hand-cranked blender an even better idea...


Yvonne said...

YOU are my kinda guy. I F******* LOVE this blog. Okay, the blenders are cool, and oddly enough, I just visited another blog where blenders are the topic of the day (heebie-jeebies plus!). Take a look at http://ilookgood.blogspot.com

Now, about "Wild in the Streets". I saw it when I was about 12 or 13 years old. It was already an old movie then! The 3 things that I recall most about the movie are:
1. LOVING IT TO DEATH. Very freaky premise.
2. An amazing sex scene that left me perspiring.
3. The song "Fourteen or Fight" - which I like as much as "Shape of Things..." (BTW, is that guy singing to a TIRE IRON?)
4. Barry Williams (Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch) played the protagonist as a little boy.

Okay, that's FOUR things, not three, but aren't you GLAD I didn't stop?

So, I'll be back to visit for sure! I like your style. Why not come by my own site and enter my KILT KONTEST? And bring a friend.

I'm at http://citricritic.blogspot.com

May I link to you?

Paul said...

$2.19. Shit. I just filled up with $2.79,

Johnny B said...

Thanks for the kind comments, Citris. Feel free to link away.
Man, Paul, that's outrageous! Is it so much highre than me 'cause it's not unleaded?

Paul said...

Well, all the gas out here has sky rocketed in the last week. Diesel is almost always the same price as the premium price--which sucks. But I'm still clocking in between 37mpg - 45mpg so that makes it a little bit easier to take.